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If God answers 'Yes', He is increasing your faith. If 'Wait', He is increasing your patience. If 'No', He has something better for you.  Nicky Gumbel

Kindness is not something that we put on for certain occasions, like a piece of jewelry; rather, it is an attribute of God's that He desires to reproduce in us.  Charles Stanley

The first requisite of stewardship is to give ourselves to God. Thus, a logical recognition of God's absolute ownership should follow.  Stephen F. Olford

We are told to let our light shine, and if it does, we won't need to tell anybody it does. Lighthouses don't fire cannons to call attention to their shining- they just shine.  Dwight L Moody

You were created to add to life on earth, not just take from it. God wants you to give something back.
Rick Warren    -    What On Earth Am I Here for?

So live for the kingdom of God. Seek to bring glory to Jesus Christ and the Lord will use you. It is my prayer, my constant and daily prayer, that God would keep me useable.   Chuck Smith

None of us can come to the highest maturity without enduring the summer heat of trials.  Charles H. Spurgeon

Those who influenced me the most are not those who pointed out all my faults, but those who knew God was bigger than my shortcomings. Those who influenced me the most didn't just point a finger, they held out a helping hand. Phil Callaway, Making Life Rich Without Any Money

I want to encourage you to place yourself totally into God's hands and allow Him to be the Manager of your life.
Joyce Meyers, Battlefield of the mind- Devotional

Never will I pursue happiness, because it is not a goal, just a by-product, and there is no happiness in having or in getting, only in giving. Og Mandino, Mission: Success

God has loved you since before you were born-so much so that 2,000 years ago, He sent His Son Jesus to die in your place.  Charles Stanley

So how can you be wise when it comes to living for Jesus? One of the best ways is to find a friend who shares your beliefs.
Lee Strobel, Case for Christ for Kids 90-Day Devotional

The answer to fulfillment, satisfaction and purpose is not found in things, no matter how many of those things you may happen to have. The answer is found in Christ.
Mark J. Musser, Searching for More: Finding the Fulfillment You Long For

In a world filled with consumer expectations and 'what's in it for me' thinking , a message of 'give first and expect nothing in return' is almost unheard of. 
Vinnie Fisher, The Best Investment

When we tithe we worshipfully recall that all we have comes from God and we are stewards of what is His. We therefore gladly invest in the work of His kingdom.  
Dr. Stephen A. Gammon, Walking With God

For it is not our natural reasoning powers that will guide us correctly, or give us right judgment in all things. No, Christ alone is our Wisdom.
Al Bryant

When you are enlightened your mission extends to helping others see the same light of the Cross, accept Christ and be saved.
Clement Getate, Your Cross to Happiness

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The Light of the Lord          We need not walk in darkness. . . And wander aimlessly. . . In our plight God's brilliant light will shine down gloriously.





"Kindness always starts with noticing the needs and hurts of others."         Rick Warren, God's Power To Change Your Life




"God's ultimate goal for your life on earth is not comfort, but character development."   Rick Warren, The Purpose Driven Life