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The Bible often compares life to a walk, because life is a journey; we’re not sitting still.

God designed this life to sever our ties to self-centeredness so that he can teach us to be other-centered - putting the needs of others over our own.

Jesus came to Earth to give us the gift of himself. Too many of us celebrate his birthday without accepting this free gift of salvation. It goes unwrapped year after year after year. That’s not smart.

You were created to add to life on earth, not just take from it. God wants you to give something back.

Any time I go out and buy a nice card and write a note of encouragement, I’ve just invested in God’s Mutual Fund. When another believer is discouraged and needs somebody to talk to and I buy him or her lunch, I’ve just invested in God’s Mutual Fund.

God is far more interested in why you serve others than he is interested in how well you serve them. He's always looking at your heart.

God wants you to develop skills and educate yourself so that you can become the kind of person he has shaped you to be.

As long as you do things for God, you are a Hall of Famer in heaven's list.

Because every day of your life was written on God's calendar before you were born, everything that happens to you has spiritual significance.

People are always more encouraged when we share how God's grace helped us in weakness than when we brag about our strengths.

If you want God to bless you and use you greatly; you must be willing to walk with a limp the rest of your life, because God uses weak people.

If you are facing trouble right now, don't ask, "Why me?" Instead ask, "What do you want me to learn?" Then trust God and keep on doing what's right.

Whenever you feel unimportant, unloved, or insecure, remember to who you belong.

God uses the opposite situation of each fruit to allow us a choice. You can't claim to be good if you have never been tempted to be bad.

Nothing else you do will ever matter as much as helping people establish an eternal relationship with God.

When pressure builds up, don't panic. Pray! Prayer is a tremendous stress reliever. It can be your safety valve.

As long as you pretend to be self-sufficient, you short-circuit God’s power in your life. You need to admit your inadequacy and say, “God, I can’t handle this!”

Your past, present, and future are taken care of as you put your trust in Jesus.

God wants our giving to be a deeply meaningful expression of worship in dimensions - past, present, and future.

Imagine how much you could bless others if you simply cleaned your closets and passed along your abundance - giving the things you don't use to people who will.

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Rick Warren

Born: January 28, 1954

A Christian Pastor and author. He founded the Saddleback Church, located in Lake Forest, California and it is one of the largest churches in the US. Many of his books are best sellers

Quotes from Rick Warren' book, What On Earth Am I Here For



"Living for God's glory is the greatest achievement we can accomplish with our lives."  Rick Warren




"We receive God's grace by humbly admitting that we need it."  Rick Warren


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"So when you feel like you've lost everything, stop focusing on what's lost and start focusing on what's left:  God and his love for you."  Rick Warren