The Best Investment: A Better You

Written by Vinnie Fisher this book is one that encourages us to see our potential as God designed us for. He uses Bible verses to start each chapter which focuses our mind on the word of God. An easy book to read but one that is full of wisdom. We would recommend this book! Below are quotes from the book:  The Best Investment: A Better You

"Life isn't always easy, but how you choose to tackle difficult situations is your choice. What choice are you making today?"

"Giving the power of your beliefs to others causes you to allow the world to decide your actions and progress."

"The real point is that you should not lower your belief in your value or your talents , but that you shouldn't let that belief make you think you're better than others."

"There are so many more worldly beliefs thrust into your brain that I could probably write a whole book of quotes that are outright lies."

"My failures were actually part of the journey of life. These events shaped my character and helped me to develop perseverance."

"Positive thinking is critical to a good belief in yourself, a positive outlook to challenges in your life, and being able to see the best in bad situations."

"Positive thinking leads to progress, and negative thinking leads to despair and no movement (at best)."

"Being grateful is an amazing way to bring truth to your thoughts and feelings, and truth is positive upward thinking ."

"When all things are stacked against you and your mind is figuring out every way to talk you out of your commitments, just show up."

"I encourage you to see success as the accomplishment of a goal in spite of obstacles. Failure is merely an obstacle to overcome.

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"Your life of self-discovery should not only allow you to become a better person, but you should also use it to help others."  Vinnie Fisher  http//





"An amazing thing happens when you focus on progress instead of perfection: You start to accomplish greater things."  Vinnie Fisher