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"A relationship with Jesus secures your place in Heaven, but it does more than that. God promises a life of purpose, peace, and power to all who know him."
Rick Warren

"If you embrace the truth of God’s goodness, you too will look at Him with childlike eyes and be able to trust."
James Bewley, How to Know God

"Eight thousand, seven hundred and sixty marvelous hours are waiting for you this year. My prayer is that each one will bring you closer to God."
Norman Vincent Peale

"A more developed understanding of worship, however, sees it as the opportunity to serve, honor and glorify Jesus in all aspects of your life."
John Stange, What is Heaven Really Like?

"Very few of us know the secret of bathing our souls in silence. It was a secret our Lord Jesus Christ knew very well."
A. W. Tozer

"The Lord promises to bind up the brokenhearted, to give relief and full deliverance to those whose spirits have been weighed down."
Charles R. Swindoll

"Don’t crawl through life in your own strength, not when you can soar in Christ’s strength."
Mark J. Musser, Searching for More: Finding the Fulfillment You Long For

"The time to make decisions about loyalty to Christ is today, not tomorrow when we are faced with the temptation to deny Him."
Dr. David Jeremiah

"God has made us in His own image and given us His Spirit to guide us and help us in the life we live but we must be open to permitting the Holy Spirit do His work in us."
Tunji Ogunjimi, Glory Realm Living

"There is power in praying for each other but also in praying with each other."
Rick Warren

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Wall Art - The Lord is My Shepherd

The Lord Is My Shepherd



"Jesus entered the darkness so that we might walk in the light. That was the mission of His life."   Greg Laurie





"True followers of Jesus distinguish themselves primarily by admitting failure and the need for help."           Philip Yancey