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"Now, our spiritual weapons and our use of them, are guided by the Holy Spirit, and so it is ultimately the Holy Spirit, and not us personally, who are responsible for and able to bring someone to a saving knowledge of Christ."
Trevor Slone, Doing Apologetics Without the Need for Apology

"I would say that spirituality is the first of the three areas of a holistic lifestyle because to change the outside you need to first change the inside."
Tiffany Hurd, 5 Keys to Living a Successful Life

"We must recognize our spiritual need, open our lives to the Lord, and conduct a funeral over the death of all that needs to die in us so the Comforter and the fire of God can be lit in us."
Russell M. Stendal, The Seventh Trumpet and the Seven Thunders

"I felt so uplifted when around spiritual people, when reading the Bible, and when deep in prayer."
Mary DeKok Blowers, Filled With the Holy Spirit

"It is a basic spiritual truth: words have power!"
Grant Dean, Practical Step to an Awesome Life through changing your words

"All the pain, degradation, and corruption of our world is a testimony to the fact that this journey of spiritual transformation is very difficult."
Ken Black, 12 Steps to a Christian Alpha Male Character

"Some may feel it’s wrong to pray for things that aren’t 'spiritual,' but God wants to talk to us about everything that goes on in our lives, big or small."
Daree Allen, What's Wrong With Me?

Spiritual concerns are but the beginning of our walk with God.
R. C. Sproul, Can I Know God's Will?

If your spirituality is an important part of your life, a spiritual journal might be a good type of journal for you to keep.
Meredith Lane, Self Discovery and Healing Through Journaling

The fact that human beings all over planet Earth intuitively worship something is proof that God has written this in our hearts. It’s a part of our spiritual genetics.
Cary Schmidt, done.: What most religions don't tell you about the Bible


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Wall Art - Lords Prayer 

Lord's Prayer


"If you are a believer, expect powerful angels to accompany you in your life experience."   Billy Graham





"Your loving heavenly Father is beckoning to you, asking you to draw near and learn His ways. So call on Him. He will answer you."   Charles Stanley