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Prayer is thinking and thanking. It is thinking of our many blessings and accepting them with a thankful spirit. Wilferd A. Peterson, The Art of Living Treasure Chest

We must never get tired of praying for our loved ones, because sometimes God works suddenly, and sometimes He works over a period of time. Joyce Meyers, Be Anxious For Nothing

Do not exclusively say your prayers in the form of asking God for something. The prayer of thanksgiving is much more powerful. Norman Vincent Peale  -  Have A Great Day

Sometimes the purpose of prayer is to get us out of circumstances, but more often than not, the purpose of prayer is to get us through them. 
Mark Batterson, Draw the Circle

Prayer can also give us the grace we need to endure trouble and be brought much closer to God.  Greg Laurie

Prayer is to be a time of separation from the world in order to be with God. It occurs when we surrender our schedules, our priorities, and ourselves to the joy of drawing near to our Father in heaven.  Charles Stanley

God is looking for people to use, and if you can get usable, he will wear you out. The most dangerous prayer you can pray is this: "Use me."
Rick Warren

We pray in Jesus’ name because He is our hope. We pray in Jesus’ name because it is within His life that we now live.  
Jamin Goggin and Kyle Strobel, Beloved Dust

There is power in speaking people's names before the Lord. When others hear someone talk to Jesus on their behalf, healing often starts to take place.  Charles Stanley

The more you prayer the more you will endeavor to live the way that God intended.
Olivia Benjamin, Billy Graham: Graham, 70 Greatest Life Lessons

Prayer is putting oneself under God's influence.
Harry Emerson Fosdick

The value of prayer is seen in the life of Jesus. He often withdrew from the crowds and even from His own disciples in order to spend significant time with His Father.
Charles Stanley

Pray that you might faithfully hear the Word and use the Word to glorify God in all other things that you hear and say.
Gregory E. Lang, Lead Serve Love

When you can't do nothing but pray - you've done a whole lot. T. D. Jakes

To pray without expectation is to misunderstand the whole concept of prayer and relationship with God.
A. W. Tozer

Positive thinking can change you, but it won’t change somebody else. But positive prayer can make a difference in someone else.
 Rick Warren

Never underestimate the incredible power and tremendous blessing of prayer.
Mark J Musser, Parenting Essentials

Prayer is one way in which we can put others' needs before our own.
Brian Johnston, Praying With Paul

Mighty prayer movements have preceded every great historical and Biblical revival.
Sammy Tippit, The Approaching Darkness

Through Scripture meditation, prayer, group Bible study, and sitting under the teaching of God’s Word, we get to know our Lord better and draw closer to him.
Randy Alcorn, God's Promise of Happiness

Keeping yourself spiritually healthy is often overlooked since it is the most simplistic. I suggest prayer, alone time with God, and being in a state of gratitude.
Tiffany Hurd, 5 Keys to Living a Successful Life

Trust and obey the guidance of the Lord by reading His Word and earnestly pray that He will give you the right judgement in whatever you choose to do.
Janet Fuller, The Bible: The Key Bible Chapters


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Anything is a blessing which makes us pray.   C. H. Spurgeon







"We pray for the love of Christ to spread across our broken world."   Ray Pritchard


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"Ask for God’s presence in your prayer time."   Kathryn Shirey


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"Prayers come in a host of colors including intercession, lamentation, thanksgiving, and praise."   Alice Camille