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To cure worry, spend fifteen minutes daily filling your mind full of God. Worry is just a very bad mental habit. You can change any habit with God's help. Norman Vincent Peale  -  Have A Great Day

Christians ought to have a reputation for being the most dependable people at work. They are always aware of who their true boss is. Rick Warren, God's Power To Change Your Life

Do all the good you can
in all the ways you can
at all the times you can
to all the people you can
as long as ever you can.
John Wesley

If you regret a failure in your life, thank God for the unseen work He is doing in you today. Dr. David Jeremiah

You can't stay in your corner of the forest waiting for people to come to you. You have to go to them sometimes.  Winnie the Pooh

Don't bury your talent and expose your fear. Bury your fear and expose your talent.  T.D. Jakes

Do not judge me by my successes, judge me by how many times I fell down and got back up again.  Nelson Mandela

It is when God is in control of the servant mind that we can realize as never before that life's greatest joy is to give His love away to those poor souls who are still stuck in the rut of comparative living.  Charles Swindoll

God wants all His people to sing in the struggle because they know barrenness is not the end, but just the starting point of their turn.  Charlotte Gambill, author of Turnaround God

God has a “way” for our lives. Most people think God is not at all interested in the details of our lives. But He is.  Stovall Weems, The God-First Life

Successful people know what they don’t know, and they are quick to go to people who do.  Andy Stanley

In this dry desert season of the heart, we are watered by God's promise of sustenance and fullness of life to come.   Wendy M. Wright

The Easter story ends not with a funeral but with a festival.   John Blanchard

One of my highest privileges is when I know I am being used by God to help others.  Lori Hogan

Greed is the assumption that everything placed in our hands is for our consumption.   Andy Stanley

When we do what we are meant to do, money comes to us, doors open for us, we feel useful, and the work we do feels like play to us. Julia Cameron

Saying yes to God means saying yes to a bigger life, and He won’t settle for less. He doesn’t want us to either.  Laurie Short, from Finding Faith in the Dark: When the Story of Your Life Takes a Turn You Didn't Plan

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Don't try to substitute time spent working for God for time spent being with God.  Joyce Meyers    -    Knowing GOD Intimately





Stay young by doing good.  Work for worthy causes in your city, state, nation and world.  Wilferd Peterson



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Each time you fall He will pick you up again.  C S Lewis