Words of Inspiration

In our Information Age we have become like the old-fashioned Pez candy dispensers continuing to dispense endless packages or  portions of information called sermons, hoping that these information transactions produce life, comfort, inspiration, and even discipleship.
Gary Goodell, Where Would Jesus Lead?

Have you ever wondered why it is that so many writers, composers, artists and other great men and women throughout history have used people, themes and inspiration from the Bible for their work?
Margaret Weston, How Do I Know I Know God?

What we say snares or captures our souls, either negatively or positively. We want to be capturing our minds and emotions with true words, uplifting words, saying true things, good things, about ourselves as well as others.
Carolyn Molica, WINGS: A Journey in Faith from the Earthly to the Heavenly

We should be reminding ourselves that no matter how many problems may be facing us, the One Who is with us is greater than all those who oppose us. Joyce Meyers, Be Anxious For Nothing

There are no circumstances in your life where God will not stand will not stand with you and help you, no matter what the trouble may be.
Norman Vincent Peale -  Have A Great Day

Remaining focused on the One living inside of us and abiding in His Presence, we are reminded that we can do nothing; it is all Him.
Chris Gore, A Practical Guide to Walking in Healing Power

To treat the book of Genesis as anything other than the divinely inspired Word of God is to fall into error.  James Paris, The Bible Brief: A Compact Bible Summary & Bible Study Guidebook

When objectively examined, I failed to see how anyone could conclude the Bible was anything less than what it claimed to be – the divine inspired Word of God.  Britt Gillette, Coming To Jesus: One Man's Search for Truth and Life Purpose

Jesus Christ   later inspired James to qualify that the prayers that will have a high probability of being answered should relate to true needs and should be altruistic.  Michael Caputo, Prayer--According to Jesus Christ 

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"Looking for words of inspiration? Read the best self help book ever written - the Bible." Catherine Pulsifer





"Trust God. You don't have to be controlled by your circumstances. No problem is too big for God." Rick Warren, God's Power To Change Your Life