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When you see that sunset or that panoramic view of God's finest expressed in nature, and the beauty just takes your breath away, remember it is just a glimpse of the real thing that awaits you in heaven.  Greg Laurie

When you read that our heavenly home is similar to a bride, tell me, doesn't it make you want to go home.   Max Lucado, The Applause of Heaven

Christians have a dual citizenship - on earth and in heaven - and our citizenship in heaven ought to make us better people here on earth.
Warren W. Wiersbe

The reason we have this inner conviction that death is not the end - and that Heaven exists - is because we were created in the image of God.  Billy Graham, The Heaven Answer Book

We need to be homesick for heaven. Though we have never been there, we still have something God has built within us that gives us a certain homesickness, a desire to be there. Greg Laurie

I feel as though I am trying to describe a three-dimensional experience while living in a two-dimension world. The appropriate words, descriptions, and concepts don't even exist in our current language. I have subsequently read the accounts of other people's near-death experiences and their portrayals of heaven and I am able to see the same limitations in their descriptions and vocabulary that I see in my own.  Mary C. Neal, MD, To Heaven and Back

Heaven is a paradise, a city, a country . . . and so much more that we can't begin to wrap our finite minds around it. But one thing I do know: Jesus is expecting me, and He's prepared a place for me.  Greg Laurie

Heaven is a state of mind, not a location, since Spirit is everywhere and in everything.  Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

Earth is only a pale version of heaven, not the other way around.  Greg Laurie

Sin and its consequences have no part in God’s glorious Heaven.
Matthew Robert Payne, Finding Intimacy with Jesus Made Simple

t doesn’t say that there is joy in heaven over a sick person that is healed or a large sum of money that God suddenly gives to somebody. No, heaven is rejoicing when one sinner is born again into the Kingdom of God.
Ronald Boon, Born again, what is that?

Therefore, it is important to realize that in eternity there are only two choices: Heaven or Hell. What we choose to do with God and His Son Jesus on earth will determine where we spend eternity.
Mark J. Musser, Finding the True You: Discover Who You Were Created to Be

The Bible teaches us that if we trust in Jesus Christ, He is preparing a home for us in Heaven.
John Stange, What is Heaven Really Like?

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Stairway To Heaven from Wall Art

Stairway To Heaven


"If worship bores you, you are not ready for heaven."  A. W. Tozer





"Let thy hope of heaven master thy fear of death."   William Gurnall