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We can trust few things in this life, but God’s faithfulness is one of them. When the hard times come, and the storms roll in, trust God, and hold on. He is with you.  Mary Southerland

Even if people have disappointed you or circumstances have not turned out as you had hoped or prayed, know that God is with you, cares for you, and loves you. He is working all these things together for your good right at this very moment.
Christine Caine, from Living Life Undaunted

But no one who is lost has lost one ounce of value to God. Even if you don’t have a relationship with him, you have immense value to God.
Rick Warren

Teach yourself to thankfully receive all that God gives you as evidence of His love and faithfulness, and then you’ll find it easier to trust Him next time.
Henry Blackaby and Richard Blackaby, from Being Still with God Every Day

God created us uniquely to have a relationship with Him and to live with Him forever.  Dave Branon

God cannot be less than Himself. And God is good. And active. And faithful. And He cares.
Anne Graham Lotz, Fixing My Eyes on Jesus

In His grace, God accepts you not for who you are or what you have or haven’t done, but because of who He is and what He allowed Jesus to do on the cross on your behalf.

The Lord doesn’t want to be an after-thought and He doesn’t want to be penciled in to our schedules. He wants us to prioritize Him.
Gwen Smith

Our possessions are a trust from God. What we clutch tightly, we lose. What we place in His hands, we will possess. Phil Callaway, Making Life Rich Without Any Money

God uses the opposite situation of each fruit to allow us a choice. You can't claim to be good if you have never been tempted to be bad. Rick Warren, What On Earth Am I Here for?

It is our job to listen to God and let Him tell us what is going on and what we are to do about it - leaving the rest to Him to work out according to His knowledge and will, not ours. Joyce Meyers, Be Anxious For Nothing

We may learn to open our hearts to listening and in that listening at last understands that a God by many names is one and the same.
Sheryl Withers, Prayer

The God of the Bible offers us supernatural wisdom and assistance in our struggles, difficulties, and recovery from past hurts.
Margaret Weston, How Do I Know I Know God?

Underneath everything we think is the universal mind which is silent but powerful. What I mean is that the closer you get to God the more pleasant your thoughts become.
Kevin Kerr, How to Be Happy and Live Life to the Fullest

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Wall Art -  The Creation of Adam


"When you worship, you are singing for an audience of one: God."  Greg Laurie





"Many people think that God will scold them if they come back to him. But God isn’t mad at you. He’s mad about you." Rick Warren





"His art, His handiwork, and His creation all echo the truth that He is glorious. There is no other like Him."   Francis Chan