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 It pleases our heavenly Father when we acknowledge and confess to Him our inability to run our own lives. That is what we are doing when we say, "Father, help me! I need You!" Joyce Meyers, Be Anxious For Nothing

God's plans for you are better than any plans you have for yourself. So don't be afraid of God's will, even if it's different from yours.  Greg Laurie

When your spirit is heavy, when your heart is broken, when your burdens seem unbearable - trust Him. Look to Him.
Anne Graham Lotz, Fixing My Eyes on Jesus

Like an engineer understands a car he or she designed, no one understands your limitations and possibilities better than the God who created you.  Todd Burpo, author of Heaven if for Real

God has promised that whatever you face, you are not alone. He knows your pain. He loves you. And He will bring you through the fire.
Sheila Walsh from The Storm Inside

A man can no more diminish God's glory by refusing to worship Him than a lunatic can put out the sun by scribbling the word, "darkness" on the wall of his cell.   C. S. Lewis

You are loved by the One who knows you best. God’s love will never disappoint you and never give up on you.  Rick Warren

When God has access to our heart, mind, and soul through years of fellowship and worship, He allows us to see more of His activity and to be more involved in His miraculous work.
Henry and Richard Blackaby, Being Still with God Every Day

Wherever you go, God is with you - watching over you, protecting you, and providing the truth you need for every situation. The question is, will you open your heart to His Word, apply it to your life, and allow God to change you so that He can use you in ways far greater than you can imagine?  Charles Stanley

God is the Father who is full of mercy. God is the Father who is full of comfort. That is the kind of relationship he offers to you.  Rick Warren

Truly, God works in mysterious ways. The wheels of His mercy and justice move quietly, but they do move.
Billy Graham, Hope for Each Day: Morning and Evening Devotions

God doesn’t have favourites among His creatures, just like sunlight that shows no favourite when it shines upon the earth.
Elijah Mcleon, New Light, New Life, New You!

God, in His sovereign will, depended on those who already knew Him to bring others to Him - and He still does today.
Dr. David Jeremiah - The Jeremiah Study Bible

God never made anyone else exactly like you, and he never will again. Thank him for yourself and then for all the rest of his glorious handiwork. 
Norman Vincent Peale

God, who cannot lie, has given you His word that if you call upon Him He will give you salvation. Salvation is the greatest experience any person can have, life is never the same.
Dr. Tom Knotts, 10 Steps to Abiding In Christ

My friend you and I are called to let our lights shine so that men will see our good works and glorify God in heaven.
Ruel Fordyce, Hello! I'm Talking To You

If you want to fill your life with confidence and high self esteem, then have faith in GOD. Be filled with His Words.
Andrian Teodoro, The Power of Positive Life

God keeps His word. When He says something, He does it. When He promises something, He keeps it.
John Stange, Praying What Jesus Prayed for the Church

The Bible tells us to rejoice at our calling. It tells us to rejoice at the love that God has for us.
Michael Caputo, How to Prevent Your Love From becoming Cold

If God is real, surely, I will be able to find God. If God made mankind, surely God must have a path or way for mankind to find God. God could not have made mankind and then abandoned us as a lost species.
Dr Timothy Sng, How I Became a Christian

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"One of the great themes of the New Testament is that God, in His grace, enables us to do what He commands." R.C. Sproul  




"In other words, we can know God exists by the evidence found in the intelligence and intricacies of creation." Dr. A.G.Walp  


God Grant Me . . .


"God is faithful. He longs to fill our souls with peace regardless of the circumstances we face."   Gwen Smith





"And so God offers us far better than we deserve, and that’s grace."        Vince Antonucci