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Faith is the solid, unshakable confidence in God which is built upon assurance that He is faithful to His promises.  
Dr. David Jeremiah

Faith is choosing and believing God’s dream for your life. Nothing starts happening in your life until you start dreaming. God gave you the ability to dream, to create, to imagine.  
Rick Warren

Faith is a reality and it reaches out to facts that are more solid, more real, more substantial, and more eternal than anything registered by our physical senses. 
John Phillips

Walking by faith will cause all of us to recognize that as children of God we are just pilgrims and strangers down here on this earth. 
J. Vernon McGee

And any declaration of faith that does not result in a changed life and good works is a false declaration. It is faith alone that justifies. But faith that justifies can never be alone.
  Greg Laurie

If you are desperate for healing, help, and hope, ask the Lord to increase your faith today, and make a determined choice to trust Him. When you do, He will meet you at your need and carry the load of your burdens for you. 
Gwen Smith

Until we get serious about growing in our faith and understanding, we’re susceptible to wandering.
Lilliet Garrison, Getting Unstuck

Anyone who has believed God to be miraculous, and prayed earnestly for a miracle, understands the complexities of living a life of faith while surviving the context of reality.
Christine Trevino, Experience Christmas

We can live the abundant life that Jesus died to give us effortlessly when we place our faith and confidence in Christ Jesus and His Love for us.
Gloria Coleman, Daily Scripture Reading and Meditation

Those who are older in age or older in the faith are to disciple and mentor those who are younger in age or younger in the faith.
John Juneman, LifeMessage 365

Those who are older in age or older in the faith are to disciple and mentor those who are younger in age or younger in the faith. Patricia A Gilpin-Hudson; Carol R Muschette, Find Joy in Daily Living

Once we realize what faith truly consists of, we can grasp that Christian faith does not step outside the normal requirements of daily living.
Dr. A.G. Walp, Resurrection (Fact or Fiction) 

Differences in Biblical interpretation lead to schism of the church. But we should be united in the love of God, for there is only one God, one faith and one baptism.
Adrian Ryan Lyons, The Bible: 16 Symbolic Teachings Every Christian Needs To Study on Life with the Holy Book and Jesus Christ

Our heavenly Father is able and willing to provide for us if we place our faith and trust in Him.
Phanuel Muverengwi, The Little Book On Worry: A Christian Perspective

Many times we would like to know the answer to all our questions, but if we knew everything we wouldn’t have to have faith.
Shane Callahan, The Secret of the Lord

Thus, the simple solution for the rich person as well as for anyone not in the Lord is to simply change their focus and come to Him by faith.
James Thomas Lee Jr, Daily Devotions from the Book of Proverbs

Once you receive the greater truth, your faith is activated, and God’s word seizes to be not just a promise for tomorrow and a reality that exists only in the future, it becomes real to you now.
Victor Chikwendu, Two Kinds Of Truth: Living In The Reality Of God's Word

Whenever we feel inclined to criticize the people of the Bible for their short-sightedness or lack of faithfulness, we can achieve an instant humility by reminding ourselves of our own failed diets, Bible-reading plans, and other broken resolutions.
Latayne Scott, Passion, Power, Proxy, Release

My story won’t hit the box office if it were made into a film, but it’s a simple testimony on how God is faithful to those who remain faithful to Him.
Patrick Baldwin, The Perfection of Purity:: A Message To My Daughter

Some of the greatest scientists who studied the heavens were men of great faith in the Creator God who displayed his glory in the heavens.
Brian Johnston, The Glory of God

Reflect on the goodness of the Lord and His faithfulness you. Remember how he communicates with your spirit – it may be through inspirational music, the chirping of birds, the taste of a succulent fruit, or a touch from a loved one.
Hannah Grace, Rest in His Love (Bible Verses for Stress and Anxiety Book 1)

Thus Christ wants us, and finally the whole world, to share in His peace, a peace that we must contribute to by fighting anxieties and concerns, by staying faithful to God’s ways and by asking for the peace that Christ gives miraculously to all that He loves.
Michael Caputo, Goodbye Fears! How to Overcome Fears With the Help of God's Holy Scriptures and Promises

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"Faith is also like a muscle. The more we use it, the stronger it becomes." Mary Southerland 




"Each of us must decide personally if we will live the faith Jesus is looking for."  Alice Camille



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"Things are changed by a faith that defies obstacles and laughs at impossibilities."  Nicky Gumbel





"Prayer without faith is useless."      Rosa Suen, The Name of God Yahweh





"We, like the apostles of old, need to ask the Lord to increase our faith as well."     Angie Wagler, All My Rooms