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In Christ, it’s never too late, you’re never too old . . .it’s never “too anything” for Him to work positive change in your life Joyce Meyers

Jesus’ blood was shed for us all; what remains is for us to accept His sacrifice in faith and obedience.  Kenneth D. Boa, Once-a-Day 40 Days to Easter Devotional

Jesus is the sanctuary every time we gather with other believers. We need that truth to soak into our hearts.  Lysa TerKeurst, NIV Real-Life Devotional Bible for Women

Every decision we make has to be evaluated in light of our life-changing commitment to being a servant of Christ and His kingdom. Dr David Jeremiah, Destination: Your Journey With God

Jesus set us free to live the abundant life by being all that He has created us to be and accomplishing all that He has planned for us to do.  Sharon Jaynes

I believe in the power of Jesus Christ to resolve any difficulty, to remove any weakness, to heal any diseaseNorman Vincent Peale

In addressing God as Abba, therefore, Jesus not only claimed His Sonship with God, but also did so in the most intimate way! As children in Christ, it is our wonderful privilege–and obligation–to follow His example.  Kathryn Brinckerhoff

Don't undervalue yourself. God loves you. Your worth is what you are worth to God. Jesus died for you. You are of infinite value.  Nicky Gumbel

Have you ever studied Jesus’s approach to talking with people? He didn’t always fill the space with answers for them. Let’s learn to do that with our fellow learners. Let’s give them room to think and answer for themselves.   Charles R. Swindoll

How much are you worth? Jesus says, with his arms stretched out on the cross, “I’m willing to die for you, because you mean this much to me.”  Rick Warren

When Jesus died on the cross, so did your sin; when He rose from the dead, so did your HOPE.  Max Lucado

Salvation belongs only to those who believe in the resurrection of Jesus Christ, who confess Him as Lord and Savior, and who thereby identify themselves with Him.
John MacArthur,  The Jesus Answer Book

The blood that poured from Christ's wounds bought your salvation. If you want to truly value what He did, think of Him hanging on that cross just for you. With that thought in your mind, consider how you should live. He gave Himself freely for you; are you giving yourself fully to Him?  Charles Stanley

A full relationship is what God offers to those who come to God by Jesus. Imagine this! An open invitation to become a member of the royal family and a joint-heir with the Son of God.  R. T. Kendall

He stated His message boldly and forcefully, without compromise, whether He was speaking to the lowest outcast of society or a member of the Pharisee elite. Jesus was no respecter of persons.  Michael Youssef

Instead of forcing the Bible into our kids and hoping they become a Jesus follower as a result, let’s demonstrate the love Jesus has shown us so that they seek out more of Him in the Bible and in their own lives.
Sami Cone

Christ is with us. The richness of His wisdom, His strength, His guidance, and His love are just a prayer away.
Mark J Musser, The Christ-Centered Home

Jesus, the most loved and hated man to ever walk the earth.
Rebecca Bryan, The Carols of Christmas

When you really experience Christmas, when you truly understand the Savior and the lengths He took to win your heart, you understand there is a choice you have to make.
Christine Trevino, Experience Christmas

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Since many people never read a Bible, we must be Christ's living and walking "letter from Christ”.  Regina Clarinda, Encounter With Jesus Christ







JESUS: The J is for joy. Jesus came to bring joy to the world.  Wilferd A. Peterson, The Art of Living Day by Day



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Real Christianity centers on Jesus’ righteousness — what He has done and how good He is.  Jefferson Bethke