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The Lord has turned all our sunsets into sunrises. 
Clement of Alexandria

Live a life of gratitude, giving thanks in all circumstances. 
Mary C. Neal, MD, To Heaven and Back

Genuine thanksgiving is a response to both who God is and what He has done, is doing, and will do.
Joyce Meyers, the power of simple prayer

It is a blessed thought, that from our childhood God has been laying His fatherly hands upon us, and always in benediction; that even the strokes of His hands are blessings, and among the chiefest we have ever received.
Henry Edward Manning

The decision to give ourselves to others is a daily taking up of the cross.
 Charles Swindoll, Day by Day 

You can either be angry for what you don't have or thankful for what you do have. Do your best and God will do the rest.
 Nick Vujicic

Things, like diamonds, that – in the grand scheme of life – are nice, but really don’t matter and bring neither blessing – nor God’s best – to my life. 
Gwen Smith

Not only will gratitude make you happier, but it will make the world you live in a better place.
Claire Shannon, Gratitude: Feel Grateful Today and Every Day

It's not easy or even graspable perhaps at this moment, but try to imagine that it is actually a blessing that this catastrophe has come into your life and that through you God is doing wonderful things in this world.
Tom Fay, Saving Your Faith, Your Home, And Your House: A Guide to Faith in Turbulent Times

I don’t know when God has called you, or how or to where God is calling you, but I do know this; God wants you to be a blessing.
Rev. David Weyrick, Called By God: Responders of Biblical Proportion

There are times when we do not allow God’s full blessings to manifest in our lives because of the negative words that we speak.
Grant Dean, Practical Step to an Awesome Life through changing your words

But there is no greater blessing than to be shaped, molded, and crafted by the gentle working of Christ.
R.C. Sproul, What Is Repentance?

When we open our hearts and souls to forgiveness, faith, and gratitude, we may watch the blessings flow and wonderful experiences pile up in our lives.
Shadonna Richards RN, Think and Be Happy


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"Pride of gifts robs us of God's blessing in the use of them."  William Gurnall