Quotes about the Bible

Without implementation, all of our Bible studies are worthless.
Rick Warren  -  What on Earth Am I Here For?

The most vital, creative, and positive thoughts are those stated in the Bible. Its words are alive and form powerful thought processes.
Norman Vincent PealeHave a Great Day

The Bible will challenge you to reorient your life to God and will offer you the life you were created to live - which may not be the life you are currently in.
Brain Hardin  - Passages

Of course we have been given a guidebook on life, called the Bible. The more we read, meditate, and study the Bible, the better prepared we will be for any given situation.
Brian Steenhoek  -  Straight From God

The whole Gospel is predicated on the fact that no matter what you've done or how much you've done of it, you can start over.
Marsha Marks, - 101 Amazing Things About God

God has promised to give you the desires of your heart, but your desires must be in line with the Word of God, the Bible!
David Yonggi Cho -  Prayer That Brings Revival: Interceding for God to move in your family, church, and community

God's Word should REPLACE those negative, non-life giving statements you've been making.
Becky Van Volkinburg, God's Word, Your Voice

If you are serious about changing your life, you are going to have to get into the Bible. You need to read it, study it, memorize it, meditate on it, and apply it.
Rick Warren - God's Power to Change Your Life (Living with Purpose)

The Bible is the only book that truly has survived the test of time.  

How Scripture is properly applied is spoken to us by the Holy Spirit on a moment by moment basis.
Adam Houge, From Mustard Seed to Moving Mountains

It is a pity that many Christians have the TV schedule better memorized than a single chapter for God's precious Word.
Charles Swindoll  -   Come Before Winter and Share My Hope

The Bible offers us a baseline for hope. It also gives us a reason to hope beyond ourselves because it reveals how interconnected we are, not only with everyone around us but also with the story that's been told for thousand of years.
Brian Hardin    -    Passages

God's Book is a veritable storehouse of promises - over seven thousand of them. 
Charles SwindollDay by Day 

God's Word comforts us. Many times when I need comfort, I run to the Bible. 
Joyce Meyers
-    Knowing God Intimately

Approach the Bible not only as a book which was once spoken, but a book which is now speaking.    A. W. Tozer

The more we search the Bible, the more we realize that unbroken communion with God is the intent and not the exception.
Max Lucado   -  Just Like Jesus

God’s word which becomes our guide is written in a book which you call the Bible, as God’s written word which man has compiled, tested and accepted through the centuries. It has passed the test of time.
Elijah Mcleon, New Light, New Life, New You!

Consider Scripture a daily supplement healthier than any vitamin, more restorative than any medication.
Camille Alice, 2010: A Book of Grace-Filled Days

As you read God’s book, you’ll get to know God.
Vince Antonucci, God's Love for the Rest of Us

When we immerse ourselves in Scripture, God gives us faith.
Wayne Davies, Top 10 Reasons to Read the Bible Today

What this world needs are men and women of God – and to be men and women of God we need to be men a women of the Book – meaning the Bible, of course.
Brian Johnston, Healthy Churches - God's Bible Blueprint For Growth

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