Be Willing

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A Thought
Oh I can relate to this quote.  On my than one occasion I asked God for something that if he had given it to me it would have created some major issues in my life.  We can ask God for anything but we always must remember he knows what is best for us.  We must always be grateful for our blessings and not be disappointed with what we may not get.  There are reasons far beyond our own understanding.  I remember reading from a book, that if we understood everything that God then he would not be God.  Our God is bigger than our brains can imagine or comprehend. We always need to trust in Him.


A Prayer
Dear Father

 Thank you for the blessings you have given me in my life. I thank you for hearing my prayers. I ask for understanding to be patience and not disappointed with the answers to my requests.

I pray that you give me understanding. As it is written in Proverbs 3:5, "Trust in the Lord with all your heart, And lean not on your own understanding;"  My trust is in you and I know that you know best. Please I pray that you continue to guide my steps to live in Your Ways and do Your Will.

In Jesus name we pray.


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"Ask for what you want but always be willing to take what God gives. It may prove better than what you ask for." Norman Vincent Peale  -   Have A Great Day