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Bible Verse of The Day

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Christian Books

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Inspirational Christian Quotes:

If you're a Christian you can't have an "I'm better than" attitude toward anyone because everybody is somebody for whom Jesus died.
Andy Stanley

Quotes about Jesus

Let’s talk until every Christian on this planet understands God’s love and plans for them.
Kristin N. Spencer, The Truth About Godly Confidence
Quotes about God

The good news is that God wants to provide you with the very things you've longed for in a family, and he can do that in Christian community.
Rick Warren
Church Quotes

There is a sense in which the Christian's life on earth is a dress rehearsal for heaven. Not in terms of costumes and theatrics, but in terms of worship and devotion to the One we will worship for all eternity - the Lamb who sits on the throne of heaven.  Dr. David Jeremiah
Heaven Quotes

Ask for forgiveness from the person, if they are available, and ask forgiveness from God, who is always available. Then forgive yourself!
Joe Allen and David Donaldson, How to be Successful
Forgiveness Quotes

In order to renew your mind, you need to change your thinking to God’s perspective.
Amy Hagerup, How to Handle Stress
Words of Inspiration

God restores everything. When I submit the broken pieces of my life to Him, He restores me to a beauty far more than what I prayed for.
Give Me Strength Quotes

Christians demonstrate their faith in God by asking Him to supply their needs and trusting Him to answer their prayers.
Lilliet Garrison, Getting Unstuck
Prayer Quotes 

Every Christian is gifted of the Lord to fulfill a divine vocation. Along with the gift, God gives a desire or a motivation to make use of that gift.
R. C. Sproul, Can I Know God's Will?
Motivational Christian Quotes

So much of our Christian walk has to do with learning to trust the goodness and faithfulness of God despite what happens to us or is happening around us. 
Christine Caine, from Living Life Undaunted: 365 Readings and Reflections  
Inspirational Quotes about Life

Once we realize what faith truly consists of, we can grasp that Christian faith does not step outside the normal requirements of daily living.
Dr. A.G. Walp, Resurrection (Fact or Fiction)
Faith Quotes

"Words of Wisdom" from other well-known believers will make you laugh, cry, and become a more thinking Christian as you consider other points of view about important topics.
Myles Munroe, Wisdom from Myles Munroe

Wisdom Quotes

Before my near-death experience, I was a Christian and believed that the Bible was the absolute and historically accurate Word of God. 
Mary C. Neal, MD -  To Heaven and Back:

Quotes About The Bible

Being loving is at the heart of the Christian message, as through loving others, we show our faith.
Estella Eliot, Positively Christian
Christian Quotes about Love

I have had to learn to follow God, even when I could not feel his blessing on my life.
Christopher Roberts, God Never Fails
Blessing Quotes

No Christian is abandoned at the moment of death. The angels are the ushers, and our passage to heaven is under their escort.
Dr. David Jeremiah
Quotes about Angels

The moment you say and believe that you are a Christian, meaning you believe Jesus Christ is your personal Lord and Savior, it is a commitment.
Ken Black, 12 Steps to a Christian Alpha Male Character
Believe Quotes

Christianity is the opposite: it’s about grace; it says God loves you simply because you’re his child.
Vince Antonucci, God's Love for the Rest of Us
Quotes about Children




Quotes By Christian Authors:

 Quotes sorted by Christians who believe and have faith; from Authors, Pastors, Scholars, and others who share their beliefs through their words and their thoughts.

Dr. David Jeremiah 

  Brian Hardin 

Max Lucado 

Joyce Meyers 

Dr. Mary C. Neal 

 Norman Vincent Peale 

Wilferd Peterson 

Leonard Ravenhill   

  Andy Stanley  

Charles H. Spurgeon  

Charles Swindoll  

Rick Warren  

St Francis of Assisi  

A. W. Tozer  




"Do you want to be a good Christian? Then stop preaching to the world and just start acting in the way that God intended." Olivia Benjamin


"As a Christian, you are Christ's ambassador to the world, and the way you respond to your day-to-day challenges will shape how the nonbelievers around you perceive both God and Christianity as a whole."  Brittany Ann, Putting God First


"For more than 250 years Christians around the world have been blessed by this Christmas carol that reminds us of God’s great gift to us." Ray Pritchard, Joy to the World!


"Boil Christianity down to its essence, and you end up with one word: forgiveness."  Alice Camille, 2009: A Book of Grace-Filled Days


"The Christian can live in the peace and victory of knowing that his or her life."  John Juneman, LifeMessage 365


"Studying the Word of God is essential for successful Christian living in this world."  Janet Fuller, The Bible: The Key Bible Chapters





"When most people read the Bible they see it through religious eyes and this taints the ability to see things sometimes."  David Alley, 20 Things to Know about Apostles Today

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"For the word of God is living and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing even to the division of soul and spirit, and of joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart." Hebrews 4:12 (NKJV)