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Here you will find Christian quotes and Bible verses that we have found encouraging, inspiring, and helpful in developing a relationship with God. It is our prayer that they will inspire and encourage you. 

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Bible Verse of The Day

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Spiritual Quotes

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Inspirational Bible Verses

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Christian Books

Christian Books

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Inspirational Christian Quotes:

"What if we quit thinking about tax write-offs or keeping institutions alive or church buildings full or denominations going, and focused on how to make the Story of Jesus the best news in people’s lives?"
Ben Baughman, Untracked

"The awesome thing about God is that because we put our full trust in him and we follow his commands, we will not lack any good thing.  We may not be a strong lion, but in him, we, the weak are made strong." 
Maggie White, 30 Devotions for Women in Business

"You see, in heaven there is peace. On earth there is war. In heaven there is perfect harmony. On earth there is often friction among family and friends. In heaven, feasting and perfection. On earth there is fattening food and expanding waistlines."
Greg Laurie

"When circumstances look their worst, instead of reacting to God’s silence by turning our back on Him, can we draw closer to Him?"
Suzanne Elizabeth Anderson, Trusting God with Your Dream

"Ask for forgiveness from the person, if they are available, and ask forgiveness from God, who is always available. Then forgive yourself!"
Joe Allen and David Donaldson, How to be Successful

"God created us to be a light unto the world.  He created us to be joy and happiness for others."
Maggie White, 30 Devotions for Women in Business

"God restores everything. When I submit the broken pieces of my life to Him, He restores me to a beauty far more than what I prayed for."

Pray and believe. The doubter obtains nothing.  Hyacinth Mottley, Words of Wisdom - Words of Faith  



Quotes By Christian Authors:

 Quotes sorted by Christians who believe and have faith; from Authors, Pastors, Scholars, and others who share their beliefs through their words and their thoughts.

Dr. David Jeremiah 

  Brian Hardin 

Max Lucado 

Joyce Meyers 

Dr. Mary C. Neal 

 Norman Vincent Peale 

Wilferd Peterson 

Leonard Ravenhill   

  Andy Stanley  

Charles H. Spurgeon  

Charles Swindoll  

Rick Warren  

St Francis of Assisi  

A. W. Tozer  



Lewis C. Henry said it best in his words about quotations:  "Here are gems of wit, wisdom and knowledge from the writings and utterances of the world's great thinkers, authors, poets, orators, and leaders."  These Christian quotes reflect this.

But of all the quotations you can read, words from the Bible are the ones that hold the most truth, wisdom , hope and encouragement.  


"And let us consider how to stir up one another to love and good works." Hebrews 10:24 (ESV)





"When most people read the Bible they see it through religious eyes and this taints the ability to see things sometimes."              David Alley, 20 Things to Know about Apostles Today